Roots of Resistance : The Tuchyn Story launches

Yesterday a very different project that I had a small part of launched. The Tuchyn Story from UNCG’s Public History program (Anne Parsons) was launched with the help/launch by UNCG Hillel. This is an interactive web doc that is aimed at NC public high schools to use in their curriculum. It’s about the Holocaust. The video I edited for them is the one on the Resistance tab. Their team was excellent at giving specific notes on what to do when and made the process so smooth. It’s a powerful story and I was again moved to tears yesterday at the project launch. Tuchyn is/was a Ukrainian Jewish town of 3000 that tried to fight the nazis as they invaded. I believe 69 people survived to tell the tale…. After hiding in hay stacks for 18 months…! There is this installation element with these wooden trees are gorgeous and I believe meant to come in to the classroom and allow for students to write their thoughts on postcards and add to the trees. The postcards were designed by Paula Damsceno who had worked in UNCG libraries (and had run Flick!) but now I think may be in grad school at the Art Institute of Chicago? (Postcards were really lovely!)