The Motherlode

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Logline: The Motherlode is a captivating and raw journey through the lives of working mothers in the arts. With infectious energy and a rambunctious spirit, this feature explores the messy side of balancing family life with the commercial demands of the arts.

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For related materials (1-pager, pitch deck, outline, trailer, pitch video etc)

contact Jennida at      j e n n i d a c h a s e [at] g m a i l . c o m

Current news: The project is already winning awards in its preproduction stage!

-In 2021 UNC Greensboro supported the project with a $5k research grant.

-We took home a trophy at die Seriale in Germany in June, 2022 for our pitch!

-We were awarded the SECAC Artist Fellowship this October, 2022. This fellowship comes with a cash award and an exhibition in the fall of 2023.

-In 2023, we now have fiscal sponsorship through the Southern Documentary Fund.

-In 2023 UNC Greensboro has awarded a $10k grant for the project.

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