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Richmond Recollection Project (currently in production)

for more information on the Richmond Recollection Project, please visit:

Recent works: 

Sunny with a chance…

Password: sunny

The Fawn (trailer)

Aunt Johaha

password: johaha

In the Dreams of Others (2014)  running time: 5:05

Here are two interviews regarding In the Dreams of Others:

The RVA Remix (2012)

Playable map:

Mobile App:

RAZE (2012)

Playable map:

Handy-Video Project (2011)

Handy-Video playable map:

Delay in Glass (2010)

running time: 4:20

TransAltScore I (2011)

Running time: 3:40

Drawn Caution I (2011)

running time: 1:26

Cui Bono (2009)

running time: 4:40