Below are a small selection of works by s/n. Artist statements for individual works can be found at each link. 

Recent works: 

Notes From Someone Else’s Lecture (poster)

Our short Notes From Someone Else’s Lecture is currently enjoying its film festival run. Please contact us to review this short.

Queen City : Playable Space (2019)


Project trailer

Example of Car Cards (posters in the Lynx trains)

Example of playable print:

Church Street (2019)

Stacked Skylines (2019)

(360 will require download of Vimeo app to play on a phone, but can access it from a desktop)

Sagittarius (2019)

music video produced for EDM artist Quilla

Sunny with a chance… (2018)

Password: sunny

The Fawn (trailer) (2017)

Aunt Johaha : A Taste of l’Avenir (2017 and beyond!)

Aunt Johaha on Instagram!

In the Dreams of Others (2014)

Here are two interviews regarding In the Dreams of Others:

The RVA Remix (2012)

Image of the playable map with a video loaded and ready to play

Playable map:

Mobile App:

RAZE (2012)

Installed code in Beijing

Playable map:

Behind the scenes of s/n producing this project in Beijing:

Handy-Video Project (2011)

Handy-Video playable map:

A link to the S/N Handy-Video Kanal on YouTube: – p/u

Link to a flickr collection of installed codes: