Videoex Schedule this week: May 23 & 26th in Zurich

As you can see, we’re pretty excited to be a part of Videoex this year in Switzerland. Notes From Someone Else’s Lecture is in the international competition and screens in the block of films On Phenomenology!

Here we are on their site 🙂

Here’s some more about the schedule (on FB):

s/n to present at a UNESCO event on Cultural Heritage and Digital Memory at Baskent University in Turkey

s/n is pleased to be invited to present on cultural heritage and digital memory at Baskent University for a UNESCO event in Ankara, Turkey on Thursday the 12th of May.

We’ll be discussing our Richmond Recollection Project.

Cultural heritage is the whole of the tangible and intangible values of a community throughout its generations. The transfer of these values to future generations is directly related to the fact that the heritage is known and understood by the members of the society. The realization of sustainable conservation is possible through the development of coherent conservation principles as well as by making the heritage visible.

Recent Awards

Two of our shorts have been given some love recently!

Notes From Someone Else’s Lecture received the Postmodern Film Award at the Druk International Film Festival, in Paro, Bhutan. It also received Honorable Mention at the Diamond Eye International Film Festival in St. Petersburg last winter.

Church Street was nominated for Best Experimental Short, Best Editing, and Best Music at the Top Indie Film Awards, in Tokyo, Japan. It was also an award winner at the Monthly Future of Film Awards, in Orid, Macedonia.