The Fawn selected for W:OW Art Film & Video Festival

s/n is so excited to announce that The Fawn has been selected for The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival. The central event will be @ museo La Neomudejar in Madrid in autumn 2018. AND The Fawn was also selected for the special – The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival – screening at the 14th Athens Digital Art Festival in May 2018!!  We are so thrilled!!

The W:OW Project
The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival

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The W:OW Project is dealing thematically with the Present and Future of planet Earth under the influence of the human species. WE ARE ONE WORLD is not just another artistic
topic, it is the complex reality and at the same time an Utopia that matters.
The „world“ is not just planet Earth as an all encompassing whole, but also the „world“ in terms of the environment or place the individual is living in: family, circle of friends, society, city,
region, country or continent, or other sortlike unities marking the individual and collective identity, their relation between each other, and the responsibility of the individual for each other and the Whole.


initiated by artvideoKOELN & The New Museum, of Networked Art – directed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne – is representing such a sample world on a small scale, in which artists, curators and
worldwide networking partners and, not to forget, the audience are acting in mutual respect, demonstrating the diversity of artistic and curatorial concepts. The festival project is consisting of three (3) basic program components, the general festival selection, the contributions by invited curators from all over the world and curated selections from associated art film collections like artvideoKOELN Collections,The Refugee Film Collection or Collective Trauma Film Collections, they form the fundament for a wide range of presentation formats like screening, projection and installation (exhibition). According to its concept, the W:OW Project – incorporating different levels on a local and global scale – will manifest at many venues all over the world,

Before the official launch of The W:OW Project in 2018, The W:OW Art Film & Video Festival has been presented in 2017 in different constellations in India (Kolkata & Kochi Muziris Biennial Kerala), Ecuador (Quito), Brazil (Belo Horizonte), Greece (Athens), Cyprus (Nikosia), Venezuela (Caracas) & Ethiopia (Addis Abeba).