s/n awarded UNCG’s Community-Engaged Pathways to Partnership (P2) Grant

s/n (and UNCG’s Media Studies Department) along with a brilliant team of artists and educators have just been awarded UNCG’s Community Engaged Pathways to Partnership (P2) Grant. This is a three year endeavor that has been awarded to our ‘Arts & Technology’ venture that works together with Morehead Elementary School and Baskent University’s Department of Cartoon & Animation in Ankara, Turkey. This is super exciting for all involved!

s/n named visiting artists in the Guilford County School system

s/n in honored to be named visiting artists at Morehead Elementary School, where we’ll collaborate throughout this school year to work with the Morehead Arts Academy dance instructor Jenny Braswell to work with her class to make a dance film! This project is funded through the Arts in Education Artist Residency Grant with the NC Arts Council, and with funding through the National Endowment for the Arts! We are truly honored and very excited!

s/n invited to participate in UNESCO conference

s/n members Hassan Pitts & Jennida Chase were invited by the UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair on Cultural Heritage and Digital Memory to participate in the international conference to mark the 30th anniversary of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France in November. This year’s conference theme is Transforming knowledge for a just and sustainable futures.

Some of the objectives of this conference are to Invigorate greater interdisciplinary cooperation and catalyze new research collaborations! (So you know we’re excited!) The conference will also serve as a platform for generating foresight in priority thematic areas and to envisage the further evolution of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme. It will feature plenary and parallel sessions on developing foresight within and across UNESCO’s priority programmes and provide opportunities for networking. 

Hassan Pitts to collaborate with dancer Duane Cyrus as part of Creative Greensboro’s Hyers Residency Program

Theatre of Movement presents: TIME: Liminal, a performance art autobiography by Duane Cyrus. 

Featured Artists: Steven Cozart, Duane Cyrus, Robbin Ka, Devin Newkirk, Hassan Pitts & The Resistance Project. 

Location: Hyers Theater at The Greensboro Cultural Center, 200 N Davie Street. Greensboro, NC 

Public Dates: July 29 & 30 at 7pm, August 5 & 6 at 7pm

Time: Liminal

Time Liminal is a performance art installation and community discussion led by Dance artist Duane Cyrus. As part of Creative Greensboro’s Hyers Residency program, Cyrus will share a series of four reflections on nearly 20 years of arts performance, advocacy, and mentorship in North Carolina and 40 years as an arts practitioner around the world. 

TIME: Liminal poster
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Duane Cyrus also directs The Black Network, of which Hassan is also a member.