A 360 look at some s/n work in development…



This is a collaborative project s/n was hoping to do in Germany with a residency we were awarded in Berlin during summer of 2016. As fate would have it– we were unable to attend the residency for a couple of personal reasons. So, instead, this was a set up we enjoyed this past summer.  We took up residency in Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Department of Cinema & Photography gallery space and we created a really fun space where Zahra (our daughter and zealous collaborator) painted about 6 large scale paintings using children’s paints on semi-opaque PVC shower curtains and about 8 long paintings on rolls of wax paper and tin foil.  We then brought in lights and proceeded to begin shooting the animation with a large tripod stand, a Canon 7D with a remote… We plan to create a large installation projecting the animations through the paintings. The end of the summer came to a close and we lost our studio space… We need to continue shooting, then animate and record sound for the project.  We plan to continue working on this as we can… If you have a residency space or a working space we could use near us, let me know!!

s/n participates in the CICA ‘Artist & Location’ exhibition in Gyeonggi-do, Korea

s/n is pleased to announce our participation in the Artist and Location Exhibition at Czong Institute for Contemporary Art museum in Gyeonggi-do, Korea from September 23rd through October 9th.

We are proud to be exhibiting yet again with such an innovative museum, and among such talented artists!! …And we are excited and deeply honored to have our image used as the poster!!



click here for the catalog: cicaartistandlocationcatalog

s/n is showing a new version of the Handy-Video Remix Collection. This is the 1st playable map we have exhibited…!!